Huffington Post

Looks like the project is getting some real traction. Greg has 5,000+ friend requests on Facebook, 6,000+ emails and now the Huffington Post has a lengthy spread on his work.

This is perfect timing. Hopefully someone will come through with a new location for us to build.

Last days at American Steel Studios

Andee comes from Minnesota to build homeless homes (and escape the snow).




Let’s break some glass.


Get back on the horse Bella.






We decide to start two new frames.




Shaun from Free Space in San Francisco comes with his gloves and dives right into the work.



Greg came up with a cool new entry technique. Let’s have the doors open up. Away we go.



We ended a great day with merriment, cheer and wonderful libations. Thank you Greg for brining us all together!




New Paint Sprayer

We took our nifty new paint sprayer for a run today. Hanna, Luna and Iyad all stopped by to review past work, lend a hand and offer plenty of free advice 😉

Now if we can just learn to keep the nozzle vertical at all times so we don’t clog it. Practice…









We Have Storage

We have now moved to American Steel and we have started collecting supplies for new homes. Additionally, we have a handy-dandy new pain sprayer. Woot!




Building a Library

I joined Jeff, Kelley, Karen and Margaret today down at the Bulb. We want to rebuild the library that was destroyed by fire and neglect.



The site of the new library is rather level and free of debris. We spent a half hour clearing the area and another bit leveling to floor.



The view from the Bulb looking back at Albany couldn’t be more ironic. A Tipi made of recycled refuse is juxtaposed with a modern high rise called Watergate. You can’t make this stuff up.


And just for completions sake, Roni’s new boat house welcomes visitors to the Bulb and asks us all to share.



Fear of the Homeless

Utah Decreases Homelessness by 78%!

As Yoda might put it, awesome this does sound. Kudos to Utah for providing this option!

Most of you don’t know that a billion years ago, I was “concrete camping” (my euphemism for homeless) in the streets, parks and squats of SF, Berkeley, Oakland and Santa Cruz. This did not have to be the case as I did have the privilege of having parents that would have reluctantly taken me in and I also had the capacity to physically, mentally, and emotionally, function in a society. So why was I homeless?

My choice was based on the simple belief that humans should have the right to exist without any restrictions other than what nature provides. I believed (and still do) that what was here before us is the birth right of all creatures great and small and things like the land, water, and air should not be considered to be controlled by an entity or concept of any sort. Doing so, forces an individual (mammal or otherwise) into a system that will inevitably, at best, restrict, detach, and distract from the quality of life. At worst, it can and does oppress, enslave, and kill. Not to mention that land, water, and air get fucked in the process.

As it stands now, if a human (and this is becoming more and more true for other creatures as well) wants to exercise this inherent right to the planet, they have to either move to a place that removes them from their kind (think tundra) or they have to break at least one law that lands them in a cage or in a coffin.

So while I truly believe the program put into motion in Utah is a great thing and way better than other control based alternatives, I also think that a physical place (like the bulb) set aside for all creatures to do whatever the fuck they want is a must for those that do not want to join the system. That would be the least afforded.

As a side note, we humans should not choose to think that the homeless are a problem when the real problem is actually fear of the homeless.

Your friend,

Moving to American Steel Studios

I have just negotiated with Sally to move our storage to American Steel Studios at 1960 Mandela Parkway Oakland, CA 94607. We will take the space currently occupied by the UNAVERZ sound truck. The bay is 20’x20′ and costs us $200/month.


Storage Bay at American Steel

We plan to store supplies in that bay and then periodically hold a workshop to teach people how to build homes. Ideally, these workshops would use the bulk of the stored supplies allowing use to quickly cycle through everything we find. The more people join the workshops, the more houses we can build. The more houses we build, the more supplies we will store.

American Steel is a perfect place for both storage and building homes. We can use the entire back lot to hold workshops and as a construction site.

Workshop Space


NOTE: The storage building has no power and no bathrooms. We will need to use our generator for power and folks will need to walk to the other building to use the bathrooms.

Bonus Benefit: We get to work near some pretty fabulous artwork =)


Roni’s New Boat House

Kelly Jewett sits on the porch of a tiny home built by Gregory Kloehn and his crew… Delivered by Ulan McKnight with a little help from the UNAVERZ. This tiny house has become the home of Roni and they now reside at the Albany Bulb.

Kelly Jewett sits on the porch of a tiny home built by Gregory Kloehn and his crew.

Kelly Jewett sits on the porch of a tiny home built by Gregory Kloehn and his crew.

Boat House: Moving Day

Today saw a lot of excitement. Nick, Sharifa and I helped Greg put some touches on Kelly’s pad but most of the day was spent on the Boat House.

Kelly’s House



Over 50 people currently live on the Albany Bulb. One of them will be the recipient of the Boat House. For tonight, it will live on Solano Avenue as a silent protest against the planned evictions of the Bulb residents.

Happy Trails.

The Boat House is launched












Do you know what a piano is?

Do you know what a piano is? Yeah? Well this ain’t one. – Greg’s friend

Greg added a few frills to Kelly’s home last night. I especially like the recycled tempered glass shelves from an old refrigerator.






Rather than push to finish Kelly’s new digs today, we focused our energy on building the home we are going to donate to someone living at the Albany Bulb.

Folks working on the homeless issue in Albany are staging an event at Albany City Hall tomorrow, Friday, January 17 at 4pm. Albany City Council has voted to evict the people camped on the Albany Bulb and have instructed the police to clear them out.

We plan on donating a home that can be pushed up Solano for the protest. With luck, someone can use it for shelter when they return to the Bulb or some other location.

Nick, Sheri and I helped Greg move the new home further along the road.



On our way out, we passed by the “Vent-A-Hood” home for a better photo op.