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Redwood Fencing

Sharifa showed up early to help Greg. I came a bit later along with the Nectar Village hot dog cart. A volunteer grant writer came by and we all discussed the best way to raise funds. Greg got a call from a nice woman who said she had a bunch of old redwood fencing she …

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Pink Paint

I arrived before noon and Greg was busy laying a coat or two of paint on everything. I find the entire construction process to be real interesting. This is more of an all-weather structure than a fine home. We need it to last. Greg is super concerned about the longevity of everything he builds. There …

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Greg’s Motivation

Do you know what a piano is? This is not a piano. – Greg’s friend on not overthinking the build Everything Greg uses (with the exception of some screws and nails) is salvaged, scavanged or donated. He thinks that each of the 10 houses he has already given away cost him under $50. Someone just …

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Kelly’s Home

Greg, Nico, Isabella and I pitched in to build Kelly and her partner a new shelter. We hope to finish after another day of working. This is GREAT fun! Taking off the sides for painting. Installing flashing.

Greg Kloehn Introduction

Here is an email thread between Greg and I. From: Greg Kloehn Date: January 11, 2014 at 5:16:23 PM PST Subject: Homeless Home Project Hello Everyone, Thanks again for all of the support and interest. It has been great and a bit overwhelming, forcing me to go where I don’t usually venture… becoming somewhat organized …

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