Do you know what a piano is?

Do you know what a piano is? Yeah? Well this ain’t one. – Greg’s friend

Greg added a few frills to Kelly’s home last night. I especially like the recycled tempered glass shelves from an old refrigerator.






Rather than push to finish Kelly’s new digs today, we focused our energy on building the home we are going to donate to someone living at the Albany Bulb.

Folks working on the homeless issue in Albany are staging an event at Albany City Hall tomorrow, Friday, January 17 at 4pm. Albany City Council has voted to evict the people camped on the Albany Bulb and have instructed the police to clear them out.

We plan on donating a home that can be pushed up Solano for the protest. With luck, someone can use it for shelter when they return to the Bulb or some other location.

Nick, Sheri and I helped Greg move the new home further along the road.



On our way out, we passed by the “Vent-A-Hood” home for a better photo op.



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