Moving to American Steel Studios

I have just negotiated with Sally to move our storage to American Steel Studios at 1960 Mandela Parkway Oakland, CA 94607. We will take the space currently occupied by the UNAVERZ sound truck. The bay is 20’x20′ and costs us $200/month.


Storage Bay at American Steel

We plan to store supplies in that bay and then periodically hold a workshop to teach people how to build homes. Ideally, these workshops would use the bulk of the stored supplies allowing use to quickly cycle through everything we find. The more people join the workshops, the more houses we can build. The more houses we build, the more supplies we will store.

American Steel is a perfect place for both storage and building homes. We can use the entire back lot to hold workshops and as a construction site.

Workshop Space


NOTE: The storage building has no power and no bathrooms. We will need to use our generator for power and folks will need to walk to the other building to use the bathrooms.

Bonus Benefit: We get to work near some pretty fabulous artwork =)


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