Pink Paint

I arrived before noon and Greg was busy laying a coat or two of paint on everything. I find the entire construction process to be real interesting. This is more of an all-weather structure than a fine home. We need it to last.

Greg is super concerned about the longevity of everything he builds. There are hundreds of decisions he makes and all of them lead to a stronger structure that can stand up to the elements and the physical forces involved in pushing these building from location to location.




Dorian came by and let Greg know that he had an big pile of supplies for him. Nice.

After double painting all the wood and OSB, Greg and I jumped in the van for a scavenger run.

Sure enough, we passed a number of Greg’s donated homes and visited Dorian’s current address outside a glass shop. Greg tells me that Dorian keeps the place clean, sweeping up all the broken glass and making sure the pallets and broken wood are stacked neatly. Greg estimates that Dorian spends and hour or two every day making sure everything is cool out front. In exchange for that, the glass shop lets him park his “Vent-A-Hood” house in their driveway and probably donates some food daily. Woot!

Greg built this chill pad for him a few months back. He is enjoying it very much. Good Times™.




Dorian wasn’t home when we first showed up (he came before we left) which gave Greg and and I time to pick through the pile. According to Greg, there was enough good wood for at least one house. We had the van so we couldn’t take it all, but Greg said he would come back later with his truck.

After just this one stop I can totally understand why Greg thinks each house costs him about $50 in supplies. There is just so much that you can find on the street!




When we returned from our journey, Kelly stopped by to see her house construction in progress. She smiled and said that we made her whole week. Greg hopes to finish her shelter in the next day or two. Yeah!

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